Amaroo Therapeutic Centre,
Lori Birch CM (VSM)
Wayshower of Sixth Dimension Intuitive Healing

Amaroo is nestled in the shopping village on Wyrallah Road East Lismore, NSW.
Relax in the peaceful setting and beautiful place - Amaroo. 

All of my clients are of utmost importance so there are no back to back appointments.
As our time is valued, please ensure 24 hours notice is given for cancellation.

Lori is also a Fairyologist accredited with Doreen Virtue. Scroll down for more information.

Amaroo is also a NES remote scanning point for Caroline Pope NES Health practioner. Please see website for more details www.caroline-pope.com


"Hello Lori
To me you have always been and always will be Fairytastic!!!
congrats with much love."
Rita, Wollongbar

"HI Lori. I finally did your exercise DVD February subscription, I loved it , thank you." Narelle. Highett, Victoria.

"I watched your Daily Processing video this morning - it is really, really, really good - I was totally engrossed. The way you speak, your tone, I am not sure what it is, but I could feel the energy and couldn’t take my eyes off you - well done! "- Robyn, Beaumaris, Victoria.

I now look at things differently. Thank you. - Jan, Lismore, NSW

Marie said: Great Meditation CD - I was recommended this CD for relaxation and stress reduction. I am not experienced at meditation, so I found this CD really easy to follow. The pace was not too slow or fast and it is nice to listen to an Australian voice! I have played this meditation CD a few times now and still really enjoy using it. Highly recommend.

" Hi Lori, I just wanted to say thank you for my massage, it was perfect and everything that I love about a massage. I also want to say that you are one of the most caring , compassionate, understanding and easy to talk to person I have met. Just speaking to you and having a normal conversation with you makes me feel relaxed and at peace.I really can't put my finger on it, but the combination of the massage and conversation we had made me feel great. I'm so stoked I have come across you."
Rachelle. Lismore, NSW

"Just wanted to thank you so very very much for my beautiful massage today. I just feel so chilled. Why oh why don't I do it more often! Perfect, thank you again. Your the bomb!". Rach - Nimbin. NSW

"The massage today was so healing, ahh thank you, feels so much has shifted. Love and Peace. Torie, Lismore.


Sixth Dimension Intuitive Healing
1 hour $100

Sixth Dimension Intuitive Healing brings you peace and alignment through your energetic field. This is integrated into every modality I do.

But is most strongest when done in a complete intuitive healing session. Realising that physical illness is the result of emotional patterns stored in our Chakras - our body's energy centres. These patterns are stored within us from from when we are born and through our life. A session of healing, involves the process of releasing the emotions stored to heal the body, mind and soul. By using Sixth Dimension Universal Energy, to facilitate to repair the Chakras and teaching oneself how to "dump" issues and patterns that keep re occurring and thus causing illness. Also by teaching oneself of a process of how to Ground and Seal and stay balanced.
A session consists of no tactile therapy unless combined in a Bodywork session. The session is a seated session, where we are seated across from each other. 

1.5 hours $105
Massage for your balance of your senses,deep tissue or therapeutic; combining with the physical balance of Bowen and bringing closure at the end of the session with aura and chakra cleansing.

Clinical and Relaxation Massage
1 hour $70 Clinical (deep tissue) 1 hour Relaxation $65 (add extra $5 for Aromatherapy organic essential oils)
1/2 hour $45
Massage is one of the earliest forms of medical treatment, applying soft tissue techniques to gain a response from the nervous,muscular and respiratory systems. Massage improves circulation of blood and the lymphatic system and over all 
well being. it increase movement and restores mobility.

Bowen Therapy
1 hour $60
Bowen is a simple, gentle and effective body balancing system developed by Tom Bowen (1903-1982) in Geelong, VIC. It is a treatment available for children, adults and animals. Bowen balances the body in the emotion, muscular and spiritual sense. It is using light cross fibre manoeuvering of muscles, tendons, or ligaments correlating with the energy meridians of the body.

Ear Candling

Ear Candling is an ear cleaning technique traced back to many ancient cultures including the Hopi Tribe North American Indians. The process of Ear Candling is non evasive and is safe for all ages. Hopi Ear Candles I use are hand made by Complete Health and Harmony in Yarrambat, VIC.

Hot Stone Massage Ritual
1 hour $85
Hot stone massage gives the therapeutic effect as massage. We use beautiful volcanic basalt stones and river stones. A session consists of placement stones on the body and being massaged with the stones and warm oil. This is a truly earth grounding experience.

Traditional Head Massage
20 mins $25
Head, neck and face massage for relaxation and to relieve tension

What is a Fairyologist?
A fairyologist communicates with fairies.
Fairies are elementals, an elemental is a “being of the elements”...air, earth, water and fire.
Fairies love nature and derive from the elemental realm, they are protectors of the environment, nature and animals. Fairies are close to the earth so they can help us with material concerns also.
Fairies remind us that you can magickally manifest everything, and ask for their help to do so.
You can also ask the fairies for healing. Where ever you find natural bush or garden, trees and water, you will find fairies.
Sidhe is the Gaelic word referring to elementals, pronounced SHEE, the term is derived from the Hindi language and it originally meant “forces that control the elements”.
Today Sidhe is defined as “little people of the fairy mounds or hills”.
The origin of fairies comes from the Legend of Tuatha de Danann. This is the original people of Ireland who became “little people” the Fairies. The Babylonians, the Creator Anu, took his powers back to Ireland, and so the people of Ireland became “invisible” and became “little people”, fairies in to stay on earth.
There are many types of Fairies. For a fairy reading or healing email me.
Just ask the fairies for help,..... they’re all around you.
Healing with the Fairies, card and intuitive reading. $25

"It's all about balance and energy"

About myself

My professional career began in 1993 where I opened my business in Melbourne's CBD. Later I took my business to Physiotherapy rooms in Parkdale and then to my own rooms in Mordialloc which I closed in 2008.
During 2008-2009 I studied with Carmel Bell in becoming a Medical Intuitive.
In 2010, I began working alongside Osteopaths at Coast Osteopath Clinic, Cheltenham, Victoria and also worked from rooms at Lancefield Day Spa, Lancefield, Victoria till May 2013.

Transitioning to a new level in our Healing process in May 2017 A Wayshower for - Sixth Dimension Intuitive Healing.
"Lori is a facilitator for Healing in Body Movement, Energy, Balance and intuitively from the Elementals.  From an early age Lori learnt that she was a Sensitive and through many of life's traumas - Emotional and Physical - 
.....every day does matter.
This is brought through in every facet of Lori's session of Bodywork with each client whether it be - Massage, Bowen Therapy or Intuitive Therapy - Medical or Healing with the Fairies, or a combination of them all - Bodywork."

I have particular interest in Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Sports, EDS Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, pre and post pregancy, and frozen shoulder.

It is my life's journey, synchronicity and visualisation of how it has weaved me to do what I do today.

Lori continues to work beside and receive referrals from GP's, Surgeons, Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Osteopaths, Podiatrists and Animal Communicators.

"We must pay attention to the body's innate mechanisms of healing - a person as a whole - body, mind and spirit"

Dr Andrew Weil. Global Leader in Alternative Medicine


Amaroo Therapeutic Centre 
(est 1994)

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